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Our company specializes in comprehensive medical equipment was established in 2013 ,

the company works on:

1- Operating rooms and care

2- All specialized clinics

3- All gas networks

4- Manufacturing all medical furniture with high quality

5- Manufacturing all office furniture with high quality

6 – work with all specialized surgical machines

7 – manufacturing high quality patient chair for the nose and ear clinic

8 – manufacture of the patient chair of the clinic of beauty and leather and laser and audio quality

9 – manufacturing patient chair to take blood samples and dialysis chairs with the highest level of quality.

( The company is the sole distributor of Italian Gel in Egypt )

( The company is the sole distributor of all products of Free Foam factory for medical foam products )

The company manufactures unique

  • Patient chair nose ear, hydraulic and electric
  • Patient chair for beauty and leather hydraulic and electric
  • Patient Chair for Hearing Aids Hydraulic and electric
  • Chair for blood and hydraulic sampling
  • Chair dialysis hydraulic and electric
  • Doctor chair for all specialties top recipe
  •  Nose and ear units

The company is unique in distributing some unique products

Gels & Creams



Ultrasound Accesories










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