Devices of technological development in the medical field

Robot in surgical procedures

Cardiologists were able to perform surgeries thousands of miles away from them through computers and robots.

Artificial heart

The so-called artificial heart is made up of complex materials such as titanium, plastic, battery-powered, external coil capable of pumping and receiving blood.
Smart chipset

Scientists are working on the preparation of smart segments very small in the rule works to monitor blood sugar and give appropriate insulin doses in case of need, as the development of segments capable of giving antibiotics or painkillers needed by the patient.
Wireless video capsule

A wireless video capsule has been prepared to send images to a small video device carried by the athlete around his side, where the patient swallows the capsule, which can take two images per second for 24 hours, to transmit the images and information to the computer that analyzes them and diagnoses diseases that may suffer from the patient.
Smart dressings

These smart dressings hold germs and viruses that can enter the patient’s wounds and then ROID RAGE: rabbia da steroidi anabolizzanti steroidi anabolizzanti prezzo steroidi anabolizzanti e cuore Morto Rich Piana, il famoso bodybuilder era in coma per abuso di steroidi testosterone enantato laffite g-tec x-road: un mucchio di steroidi – lifersblog testosteron dianabol kaufen give notice that the body needs antibiotics that protect it from these microbes.
Smart shirt

A shirt worn by the patient has been created to monitor vital activities of the body and to send evidence and information to the doctor in charge of the situation where it measures heart rate and respiratory efficiency in addition to measuring body temperatures where these data are transmitted wirelessly via e-mail.

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